Michael McInerney has had a passion for photography since receiving his first camera for his birthday at age 10. In college he studied photography, filmmaking and television production. One of the most valuable lessons he learned about photography came from a college professor who (rather harshly) critiqued Michael’s first photo assignment. Although his photos were technically excellent, they lacked insight and inspiration. What he learned at that moment was that to capture the unique character of his subjects, he needed to go beyond the static, status quo composition and find less common perspectives. This would be the motivation that shaped his entire career. It is true that one picture is worth a thousand words, but the story that those words tell depends on the choices the photographer makes when capturing the image. Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Florida Atlantic University, Michael began a decades-long career in television production. His first job was as a TV News cameraman for WPEC-TV in West Palm Beach, Florida. His skill with the camera and creative approach to videography led to promotions into Feature assignments and station promotions, for which he garnered his first Emmy Award nomination in 1981. He moved to the Bay Area in 1984 when he was offered a position shooting and producing segments for “Evening Magazine” on KPIX Channel 5. By this time, Michael had developed a penchant for putting himself and his camera into precarious situations in order to place the viewer vicariously into the middle of the on-screen action. Michael’s “Gonzo” approach to videography—putting life and limb at risk for the sake of “THE shot” earned him the moniker “Mondo”-- a nickname that has stuck with him to this day. In 1995, however, Michael’s ability to defy catastrophe ended abruptly when he experienced a horrific on-location motorcycle accident during a shoot for the Discovery Channel. After a seven-hour spinal fusion surgery (and six months of physical therapy), Michael shifted his primary television production focus from shooting to producing. In the ensuing years Michael has worked with various media companies such as CNET.com, where, as Executive Producer, he oversaw the production of 5 television series covering technology and the Internet. (At CNET, Michael Produced a series called The New Edge where he coached a young, inexperienced host named Ryan Seacrest) Michael has produced television programs for many of the top-tier cable networks, including Discovery, History, National Geographic and HGTV, collecting 3 Emmy Awards and 5 Telly Awards along the way. With the advent of smaller, lighter DSLR cameras that can shoot stills as well as High-Definition video footage, Michael found a way to add his photographic skills to his productions once again. About 6 years ago, just as Internet video programming began displacing and fragmenting many of the traditional video production businesses, Michael’s wife became a Realtor in Marin County. Naturally, she called on her nationally recognized Director of Photography husband to photograph her listings. When other Realtors quizzed her about her outstanding collateral, she reluctantly passed along Michael’s contact information. Before long Michael found himself fully immersed in the world of Real Estate photography. The connection with TourFactory was not only a complete no-brainer, it was the natural next step for this seasoned photo/videographer. Michael approaches each photography assignment with years of experience, top-notch equipment, and the “know-how” to tell the story that will sell your listing.